DREAMLAND - Eye For An Eye

Dreamland - Eye For An Eye

11 songs
43:14 minutes
Dockyard 1


Melodic power metal can be anything these days. Gothenburg hard rockers Dreamland are somewhere between traditional Eighties melodic hard rock and power metal. This is a combination which could work out all right, but the Swedish five-piece makes nearly everything wrong. Choosing former King Diamond axe-man Andy LaRocque as producer is by itself no bad idea, but Mr LaRocque must have had a tone-deaf period, or how can you explain that the rhythm guitar is much louder than the other instruments? Dreamland’s vocalist may have a stylish blonde haircut, but his voice is either very thin, or it just drowns in the lacklustre production. The ten first songs all come with very clichés choruses, making this all sound like a mid-Eighties Pretty Maids demo or like the first walking steps by Hammerfall. Only the last song, Revolution In Paradise, combines thrash growls with a melodic metal chorus, eventually allowing the band to offer their audience one highlight. But that’s absolutely not enough to make this a listenable album, which leaves me no other choice than punish them with two meagre points.

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