DREAMSCAPE - 5th Season

Dreamscape - 5th Season

9 songs
63:28 minutes
***** ***


It’s been three years since the last new material of German prog metal band Dreamscape was released. End Of Silence was a near-perfect tour de force, which was followed by a sort-of compilation, and if you allow to count that last one as a real album, 5th Season is logically the 5th album by the band, unfortunately the last one with the current line-up because three members decided to leave the band.

Dreamscape are not among the fastest workers. Founded already more than twenty years ago, it took them about ten years to get their debut out. But as quality is more important than quantity, there is no reason to complain. 5th Season continues uncompromisingly the band’s path, with mostly long songs that allow for many different moods to flow into the music, although they lost at no moment the structural coherence. Dreamscape adhere to the melodic prog metal movement, but their mature songwriting and the incredible variety of elements inside their songs assures that they never drift off into shallow commercial waters.

Heart piece is the quarter hour long title track which follows two shorter tracks that open the album. Unlike Sieges Even who started at the same time and will be touring together with Dreamscape, this band is still firmly rooted in the metal community. The guitars are heavy, the keyboards soar, the rhythm section thumps nicely, and it would make sense to see Dreamscape as Germany’s answer to Dream Theater except that Dreamscape’s material is more accessible, and that’s not because their skills were lower (they are not!), but because they just write the more interesting material. 5th Season is again a more than convincing statement by the Bavarians.

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