DSK - Oppressed / Deformed

DSK - Oppressed / Deformed

10 songs
40:18 minutes
***** ***


You will probably never catch me saying that DSK from Western France are a band with an original style, but the way they are quoting their influences always brings a smile on my face. Already the opener My Reason To Kill starts with a powerchord borrowed from Slayer's Angel Of Death. Later on, Gegen sounds like a song from the first Terrorizer album, delineating already DSK's territory. They combine thrash and death metal sounds with very frequent grindcore blast parts, enveloped in a dirty hardcore death'n'roll atmosphere.

Oppressed / Deformed, by no means the band's debut as they have released already countless other items in their ten years of band existence, is an album with rather long songs for the musical genres implied, and still they all work without an exception. DSK even manage to play four minute long grind songs with devilish speed, giving the impression that they must be true athletes on their instruments. Although I prefer their incredibly fast moments, the overall impression never fails to amaze. If you like Napalm Death and Terrorizer but also Slayer and Entombed, then you will get loads of fun out of Oppressed / Deformed, not yet a classic on the grindcore encyclopaedia but a more than worthwhile addition to the genre's collection.

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