DUNGEON - One Step Beyond

Dungeon - One Step Beyond

9 songs
48:18 minutes
***** **


Although One Step Beyond is only Dungeon's second album to be released in Europe, they are Australia's most popular metal band, with roots going back to the late Eighties. Like on the preceding album, Dungeon show that they are firmly (and naturally) influenced by the metal sounds of their founding era, although they seem to try hard this time to add more epic proportions to their songs, something they should not have done in my opinion.

Already the opener The Power Within comes with great guitar work and a driving rhythm section. Lord Tim, head behind the band, may well be a charismatic figure, but he's overdoing it on the vocals. Continuing with the overlong Tarranno Del Mar, they take steam out of the music. A song like that should be kept for the end of an album. The title song gets you rocking again, and later on, it's tracks like the fierce The Art Of War that hint at what a great album this could have been if the Australians had shed off the bombast. Perfect parts like this are unfortunately very hard to spot, even if Surface Tension amounts to a similar degree of violence.

One Step Beyond is actually better than most retro metal album released lately, probably because Dungeon started their career already back when retro was still modern. But it is also a bit disappointing to see a talented band try to sound more melodic/harmonic than does them well. Worth checking out by fans of melodic power metal music, others abstain!

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