DUNGEON - Resurrection

Dungeon - Resurrection

11 songs
51:58 minutes
***** **
Limb Music


Dungeon are the pioneers of Australian power metal with their debut having been released as far back as 1995. I was surprised to receive a new Dungeon CD as their last album One Step Beyond only was reviewed eight months earlier. In fact Resurrection is a re-recorded re-release of an album dating from 1999 which was never released in Europe before.

Dungeon show a lot of proximity to European metal of the glorious Eighties. With their singer Lord Tim coming across as the Australian answer to Kai Hansen, they are playing classic melodic power metal as we listened to nearly twenty years ago. Even if there are nowadays lots of bands following more or less the same style, Dungeon do it with a lot of conviction and authenticity. Paradise sounds like a tribute to the very early Helloween. The guitars on Judgement Day remind of early Eighties Iron Maiden.

I'm really not too fond of this kind of metal, but I am certain that retro metalheads will find a lot of pleasure in Resurrection. Most songs are played at a very high speed, and sometimes Dungeon are even really brutal (No Way Out, I Am Death). The last song on the album, The Legend Of Huma, is not only the longest track (seven and half a minute), but also the proof that Dungeon can be very epic. The obligatory intro and ballad are of course present on the record, too. Dungeon use a lot of clichés in their music, but they still come across so naturally to make that irrelevant.

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