DUSTSUCKER - Diabolo Domination MMVIII

Dustsucker - Diabolo Domination MMVIII

12 songs
43:33 minutes
***** **


Not much has changed since the last two albums (Rock’n’Roll Sniper and Jackknife Rendez-Vous) of the German hard rock band Dustsucker, and they follow their habitual recipe also on their new release Diabolo Domination MMVIII. The title may sound ominous, but stylistically everything is still the same.

Normally I try to avoid name dropping, but Dustsucker provoke me to break that rule. First they are happily using element of early pioneering hard rock from bands like Rose Tattoo, AC/DC and Motörhead. Then they are not shy either about melodic hard rock from the Eighties. Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne come to mind. Nineties retro rock revival – Nashville Pussy or Hellacopters, for instance – have also left their traces.

Dustsucker are at no moment in time original, but then it would be wrong to have that kind of expectations. What they do, they do good! All of their songs rock straight on, take no prisoners, contain juicy guitar riffs and fat rhythm word, topped by memorable choruses. Some tracks show the band from a rawer side, which adds to the overall entertainment value. Annihilator mainman Jeff Waters even plays a guitar solo on Land Of The King.

As Diabolo Domination MMVIII is no better or worse than its predecessors, I have no other choice that remain with the same rating as in the past. I only wonder if you really need this CD if you own one of their earlier ones already. But it still guarantees to get every party started, as long as the people there are into dirty hard rock’n’roll.

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