DUSTSUCKER - Jack Knife Rendezvous

Dustsucker - Jack Knife Rendezvous

12 songs
40:21 minutes
***** **
Limb Music


At the beginning of last year, I received Rock'n'Roll Sniper by Dustsucker and was amazed that there are still bands around that play simple rock'n'roll music in the line of Motörhead, Rose Tattoo and The Almighty. About 20 months later, the next effort by Dustsucker from Germany continues at the same spot where the last album ended. When comparing the two albums, you will recognise parallels between both covers and album titles which are as simple as the music itself. But this shouldn't mean that the album isn't entertaining.

The opener Dead On Wheels is Swedish rock'n'roll with repetitive and easily remembered structures. The title track, one of the band's hardest tracks, shows tendencies towards the Motörhead sound. Wasted Times is a cool snotty track with a punk attitude. The album nearly only contains rocking tracks like the raw Bleed For My Strings, the bluesy Bigger Than Ever and the Kiss-like Burning Glass. The only exception is the rock hymn Under The Hammer that suffers from its exaggerated length (5 minutes). Dustsucker are playing best when their songs are fast and don't cross the three minute border.

If you like dirty, energy filled punk'n'roll with a kick ass attitude, Dustsucker should be the right choice for you. But I'm afraid that the situation will be quite hard for them as their album was released more or less at the same time as the new Motörhead record.

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