EARTH CRISIS - Breed The Killers

Earth Crisis - Breed The Killers

14 songs
48:51 minutes
***** ***
I Scream


These last few years, we were really flooded with an unbearable amount of same sounding metalcore albums that lacked identity and were often as useful as tits on a bishop. When the metalcore genre started in the early Nineties, many of today’s fans weren’t even born yet. I was just out of my teenage years when Earth Crisis started their career on Victory Records. Breed The Killers was their only record on a different label (Roadrunner), back in 1998, and is also the only one not featured on the recently issued compilation. Reason enough for I Scream to re-release Breed The Killers, to make it accessible again to a world that generally has come to accept the fusion of hardcore and metal music.

The question is: how does Earth Crisis’ sound fare compared to the contemporary competition? The answer is easy: they do not only have to not hide, but can even proudly claim to present the metalcore sound in its original and intended form. While I generally do not agree with Earth Crisis’ overly militant lyrics, I admit that they at least didn’t shy away from direct statements, instead of hiding behind pseudo-artistic phrases that don’t make any sense once you try to decipher them. Breed The Killers also sports a tremendous production that is astonishingly basic yet manages to emphasise the searing guitar riffs, the pounding rhythm section and above all Karl Buechner’s menacing angry vocals.

A reunion album is planned early on this year, and it has to be hoped that these militant vegan straight edgers will still be ably to come up with such an unadulterated approach as they showed in the Nineties where they were certainly not always uncontroversial, but nobody ever dared to question their importance in the evolution of the metalcore genre. Breed The Killers may not be their most important release, but it still stands high above the general mediocrity of today’s diluted copycats.

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