EASYWAY - Can You Keep A Secret

 Easyway - Can You Keep A Secret

12 songs
42:05 minutes
***** ***


The Easyway line-up reads like a list of my pupils at school. That's no surprise as Easyway are a great melancholic punk band from Portugal. Their last CD Forever In A Day offered already some nice songs with a strong American touch and the situation isn't too different on their new output.

Douglas Adams would have described Easyway as "mostly harmless" because they seldom try to be hard or brutal. The album's fastest song is Hush Baby, showing some parallels to The Offspring, and A Move For Every Word is a pure punk song. But on most tracks, Easyway have settled for a nice combination between emo punk and college rock, strongly influenced by the American emo bands from Epitaph and Victory Records. Their songs often have a slower start, sing-along choruses and a wonderful pop appeal. Imagine Bob Mould playing melodic emo punk and you can slightly imagine what Easyway are about. You Live With Your Decision and Long December Day are the two tracks where this recipe works best, but believe me that there is no single disappointment on the album.

The only less positive aspect on the record is the lack of innovation. Easyway show of course a lot of seriousness and professionalism and are certainly one of Funtime's best bands, but this album is just too close to its predecessor. This shouldn't be rated too severely (only one point less than the last review) because no one is angry when Motörhead or Slayer are doing the same thing over and over again.

Easyway seem to be doing everything the right way. They have entered position 7 at MTV Portugal's charts which is quite considerable. If they had a bigger label, I think that they could gain even more attention worldwide.

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