EAT THE GUN - Cross Your Fingers

Eat The Gun - Cross Your Fingers

12 songs
39:17 minutes


Reviewing albums is an interesting experience, but sometimes, it can be very annoying as is now the case for the regular debut by the German band Eat The Gun. Three years after their self-produced EP King Size, Eat The Gun have finally found the time and a label for a full-length record.

The cover artwork doesn't look too promising as it just contains too many clichés known from rock'n'roll (skulls, flames, bulldogs). The back-cover doesn't make things better as the four dudes don't make the most intelligent impression by posing in a ridiculous way.

So I'm not too disappointed by listening to the music because my low expectations are fulfilled. The opener I'm Broken wants to make a raw and metallic start, but aggression and groove are severely missing. This low level can be upheld on the following Life's A Bitch, but the ballad Livin' On Dope makes me push the skip button for the first time. Eat The Gun are proud not to be the next Korn copy, but a copy of Guns'n'Roses, rock dinosaurs from the Eighties, isn't exciting either. Another one of their influences is Sinner, one of the mellower hard rock bands of the Eighties which I already detested in the past. The album is just too repetitive. Two thirds of the songs are pseudo sleaze rock tracks as they were popular two decades ago. The remaining tracks are ballads and rock hymns with sing-along choruses that invite to push the skip button of the CD player. But worst of all are the stupid lyrics that could as well have been produced by the Bloodhound Gang or Tokio Hotel.

Cross Your Fingers is an awfully bad album that would be banned if I was some kind of dictator or something similar. If you really like party rock, there is a huge and interesting scene in Scandinavia. Turbonegro, Hellacopters, Gluecifer, The Stuff,... are just a few examples which make this music in a much more entertaining way.

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