EIDOLON - Coma Nation

Eidolon - Coma Nation

10 songs
63:10 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Coma Nation is already the fifth CD by Eidolon from Canada, one of the most innovative metal bands at all. Even if a lot of bands show a burn-out on the fifth CD, Eidolon are sounding fresher than ever before. Although you can still consider them as a progressive power metal band, a major difference compared to the predecessor album Nightmare World is that Eidolon haven't become heavier, which is quite unusual for a band. An explanation may be the change of the vocalist: the new one is called Glen Dover and has a voice which reminds me of Dave Mustaine. Eidolon have succeeded to produce an album which shows an optimal mixture from melodic and heavy parts. They often are sounding doomy without being slow (Lost Voyage, Life In Agony), but lots of songs are very fast with tremendous drum riffs (Scarred, Hunt You Down). The absolute highlight of this CD is Within The Gates, a most impressive 19 minutes tour de force that dares to dwell in prog territory while staying incredibly heavy, dark and melodic. Friends of the early Fates Warning or Iced Earth should regard this Eidolon CD as a must.

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