EIGHT OF SPADES - Driven By Hate

Eight Of Spades - Driven By Hate

11 songs
32:04 minutes
***** ***


With a band name reminding strongly of a Motörhead classic, and a matching cover artwork, we know already what we are getting ourselves into. Eight Of Spades were founded seven years ago by four Frenchmen and play a steamy mix of rock’n’roll, punk, hardcore and metal. Or to simplify matters, the band just calls their genre speed rock.

After Look In My Eyes from 2006, Driven By Hate is already the band’s second longplayer. The album came out already in 2009, but it took some time before finding its way to my reviewing pile. As the band does completely without any current trends, their timeless rock music might as well be reviewed a good year later.

If I wanted to be mean, I’d call them not Jehovah’s Witnesses, but Motörhead’s Witnesses. Eight Of Spades do all it takes to come as close as possible to their idols. The songs are generally short, rarely more than four minutes long. Don’t expect any complex structures, as all they want to do is sound as fast and dirty as possible. The vocals also do their best to sound as wasted as Lemmy’s. Whenever Eight Of Spades are closing in on their punk roots, they show parallels to the Sex Pistols, while their hardcore songs remind me of Gorilla Biscuits. Some tracks are a little more nervous and come with hectic vocals that allow comparisons to Nuclear Assault. The album ends with their name giving band hymn, sounds a little too prole but still manages to entertain with its traditional gang shouts. We are just lucky that there are only a few guitar solos which generally sound a little awkward.

Like so many other bands, Eight Of Spades will certainly not win a prize for originality, but their short ride through punk, rock, metal and hardcore nevertheless feels quite entertaining.

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