EISBRECHER - Antikörper

Eisbrecher - Antikörper

13 songs
53:05 minutes


It's already November and this is the first time I give a one-point rating this year. Only rock'n'roll revisionists Eat The Gun, whose latest album was not reviewed by me, can share the same honour for this year. Now I don't know if Eisbrecher are really as bad as I think, or if I just don't get their genre, considering that they get positive reviews all over the Internet and even entered the German pop charts.

Eisbrecher were founded by a couple of guys who used to play with Megaherz, one of those modern bands a couple of years ago that would sound already rather dated nowadays. But well, Eisbrecher fare no better. I hoped this inane "Neue Deutsche Härte" movement was already dead for a long time, and then you get Antikörper, Eisbrecher's second album, that features keyboard heavy songs with enough guitars to draw parallels to Rammstein, and vocals full of pathos that remind of Witt. I can accept Rammstein, but all the copycats that came afterwards just combine hard electronic music with mock romantic lyrics into a sound that should scare away every halfly decent person.

Eisbrecher included with their debut album two pre-printed CD-Rs to encourage people to make private copies of their music. That was a nice gesture and a fuck-you at the capitalist industry captains, but unfortunately that doesn't make their music any better. Antikörper sounds like just another NDH album, not necessarily badly played, but so derivative and yet so earnest that I can only shake my head and exhale once the torture's over. My worst album of the year!

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