EISREGEN - Schlangensonne

Eisregen - Schlangensonne

11 songs
53:05 minutes
***** ****


German band Eisregen has been active since 1995, and since then they have changed their style already a couple of times. The only constant is their love of the extreme and provocation. The German Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons made already three of their albums unavailable to adolescents, which of course helped to increase the band’s popularity. Schlangensonne is already Eisregen’s eighth longplayer and provokes with a crucified big-titted Jesus on the cover artwork.

Rather raw black metal sets the mood for most tracks, but Eisregen prove that they are quite able to think outside the box. Melodic parts occur throughout the album, and also folk, Neue Deutsche Härte, gothic and cabaret are only some components that find their way into the songwriting. Furthermore a high number of pace and mood changes make sure that Schlangensonne is anything but a monotonous affair. On Blute Aus, the listener is overwhelmed by incredible blast speed parts, yet there are also dark and threatening atmospheres as on the anti-war song Auf ewig Ostfront. I prefer the CD’s middle part which comes with the splendid songs Zauberelefant and Kai aus der Kiste. Both tracks are slightly longer, offering Eisregen enough room to add the most different elements. Their morbid moods remind me of Angizia from Austria. Vocalist Michael Roth’s voice is very versatile, managing everything from evil croaking to clear singing. Especially the latter convince totally with their charismatic power, showing paralles to Sir Hannes Schmit (Idiots, Phantoms Of Future, Honigdieb). The keyboards also have an important role to play and are never used out of place. Even the gothic influenced title track is excellently integrated and is not out of place on this otherwise extreme album.

The lyrics are once again quite typical for Eisregen. They deal in their own special way with war, injustice, child abuse,… It can only be hoped that the band’s critical attitude should prevent them this time from censorship. Fans will be happy that Eisregen once again delivered a high quality product, counting next to Totenmond to the most innovative bands of the German extreme metal scene.

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