EKTOMORF - What Doesn’t Kill Me

Ektomorf - What Doesn’t Kill Me

13 songs
38:03 minutes
***** ***


Metal from Hungary is still considered something quite exotic, with Ektomorf being one of the few bands that have achieved some recognition in the West. Three years after their last release Outcast, they are back with their sixth album What Doesn’t Kill Me which shows that they haven’t shed any on their well known rage.

The production convinces in every respect as the band decided to work with Tue Madsen from Denmark, who is well known for giving perfect sound to bands like The Haunted, Cataract, Moonspell and Aborted, among others. It’s hard to categorise Ektomorf who play a compact kind of modern groovy thrash metal and brutal hardcore. The opener Rat War is a true wake-up call that invites to mosh, setting instantly the mood for the record. Highlights are the title track with its many different facets and the great New Life where a female guest vocalist is helping out. Ektomorf emphasise variety, so that you’ll find next to brutal attacks like Envy and Breed The Fire also mighty stompers like Revenge To All and I Can See You. Even the quieter Scream, which contains some acoustic parts, fits perfectly into the overall concept.

What Doesn’t Kill Me is an entertaining and interesting CD. Ektomorf are still moving a little in the shadow of Sepultura, but I doubt that they will ever (want to?) set themselves free of that influence. The album is rather short, but therefore Ektomorf do not accept compromises and never once come up with a filler.

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