ELECTRIC MULLAHS - Industrial Bank Of Mantronica

Electric Mullahs - Industrial Bank Of Mantronica

17 songs
69:45 minutes
***** *****


If you google  Electric Mullahs , you will hardly find any entries on the Internet, yet we are dealing here with one of the pioneering father of Luxembourgish electronic music. If you have ever been through the Mullah experience, you know that you will come out the other end a totally different person.

Industrial Bank Of Mantronica is not a regular CD release but a compilation of tracks taken mostly from the tapes Polyphem Device and Electric Mullahland from the late Nineties. That's another thing about Electric Mullahs: he's not one of the busy people, and it's probably easier to win at the lottery than to catch him live... which I did once a few months ago, and only thirty people showed up. This undermines the Mullah's cult status, making him an underdog of the electronic movement, initiating many roads that have been taken in the meantime by younger (but never better looking) artists who claim now all the fame for themselves.

But we don't care, because Electric Mullahs is still the Godfather of electro trash. Combining fast gabba techno with tongue-in-cheek stolen samples, he's crafting together pieces that are not really songs but sound rather like case studies of the inner life of a pinball machine. No one has ever said that listening to Electric Mullahs is easy, but it is rewarding, and if you pay enough attention, you will come to enjoy his stripped down take on electronic music.

Seeing him live dressed up as a Biene Maja on a killer spree, with an asynchronous 8-bit video show with lots of sex and gratuitous violence in the background, is of course even better.

Electric Mullahs has no homepage, as far as I am informed, so if you want to get a taste of the excellent Industrial Bank Of Mantronica, you have to mail him. This is classic electronic material that only a man balancing the thin line between genius and insanity can create.

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