ELEKTROLOCHMANN - Whatever The Occasion

Elektrolochmann - Whatever The Occasion

5 songs
18:37 minutes
***** ****


For some years already, Elektrolochmann have been one of my favourite post rock bands, or is it alternative pop they are playing? It doesn't matter, more important than a classification is the content of the music. The five tracks on the new CD, a debut for their new drummer, are again real jewels. The opener Both Of Us is a classic post rock star with warm female vocals, while Long Distance Runner is a little noise orgy with some calmer parts inbetween. Top Inside is again a song where the instruments are playing totally unconventional parts and the vocals are so laid back that you have the impression that the singer isn't concerned about the song. My first impression about Perfect was that it could be a more relax song, but even if it has slower parts, it has a very chaotic and noisy end. Finally Remake My Day really is a calmer song to end this CD. It's a pity that the album only contains 5 songs, but it's just an EP. Because of their unusual songwriting and presentation, I'm now already looking forward to the next Elektrolochmann CD.

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