ELIS - Catharsis

Elis - Catharsis

11 songs
48:58 minutes
***** ****


2006 must have been the worst year in the history of Elis from Liechtenstein. Their vocalist Sabine DŁnser died much too young of a cerebral haemorrhage. The band decided to nevertheless release the nearly finished album Griefshire, after which they started looking for a new singer. They found an adequate replacement in Dream Of Sanity vocalist Sandra Schleret. Their EP Show Me The Way from 2007 proved that she was a worthy successor, from a musical, and probably also from a human, point of view.

Their first longplayer with Sandra Schleret comes with the fitting title Catharsis. Compared to the EP, the band managed to add some coals to the fire, pushing them to the top of the European gothic metal scene. Even if the choruses are most of the time cute and nice, they make a great contrast to the verses that come with more steam. Twinkling Shadow surprises with astonishingly aggressive guitar riffs and evil growls. The longer Warrior’s Tale furthermore highlights the band’s variety. Showing themselves initially from their darker side, this track turns eventually into a more melancholic setting. Another highlight is the Jennifer Rush cover version I Come Undone that comes with an impeccable arrangement. Those who like it more bizarre will get their kicks from Das kleine Ungeheuer (Rainbow). Finally The Dark Bride is a classic yet wonderfully crafted duet.

Elis have all it takes to set themselves apart from the competition. On the one hand, their take at gothic metal feels warmer than that from most other bands, and on the other hand, their music never lacks the necessary heaviness and variation. I am left fully excited by their great new album!

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