ELVARON - Gravitation Control System

Elvaron - Gravitation Control System

8 songs
55:13 minutes
***** ****


It’s been more than two years since I discovered French prog metal band Elvaron who pleasantly surprised me with their fourth album The Buried Crown, but I wasn’t prepared for the killer CD that Gravitation Control System became. You get less but longer songs, and a concept that sounds very science fiction (unfortunately my promo didn’t come with a lyrics sheet), all this from a band that has considerably matured in the last twenty-something months. The axis of the band is comprised of guitarist Matt and keyboarder Lindsay who complement each other perfectly, which can best be witnessed on the captivating duet they deliver at the end of Living In The Anthill. Instead of only combining prog metal of the Dream Theater school with Eighties thrash, as they did in the past, there are this time also many classical or rather early 20th century post-romantic influences, which make for a really classy atmosphere throughout the album.

The vocals are most of the time rougher than we are normally used from prog bands, reminding of American power metal bands like early Metal Church. Lindsay’s switching between moody keyboard sounds and piano parts make for nice variety, never watering down the sound but instead adding a dimension that makes Gravitation Control System one of the more original releases of its genre. Their label calls Elvaron the French Dream Theater, which I find a bit unfair, as the French sound earthier than their American inspiration, and it’s obvious that Elvaron are really working hard and successfully on getting their own sound.

Considering that nowadays every slightly more skilled melodic metal band calls itself a progressive power metal band, Elvaron truly stand out as a revelation, firmly grounded in the thrash genre, but never closing their eyes to the more refined styles like prog, jazz and classical music. Gravitation Control System is a huge step forward for Elvaron, and one of the best European prog metal albums in a very long time.

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