ELYSIA - Lion Of Judas

Elysia - Lion Of Judas

9 songs
28:08 minutes


Good intentions are necessary, but not sufficient in the creation of a good album. This lesson is something that Californian deathcore youngsters Elysia still have to learn. When the band started five years earlier, they were still adolescent high school kids who nowadays admit that they weren’t really good back then. Two years ago, they self-released their debut which is now followed by their first album on a label.

My first impression was that Lion Of Judas is quite a short album, considering that the band isn’t into high speed blast attacks. Instead they rely on psychotic hardcore structures with a definitive metal edge that owes a lot to the forefathers of the genre, like Converge (whose Kurt Ballou produced this album), Coalesce or Dillinger Escape Plan. What Elysia lack most of the time are cohesive elements that give the song recognition value. What remains is a technically quite adept young band that plays awkward songs that just refuse to stick.

Sometimes, when they simple things down a little, they can come up with engaging material, like the stomping mid-tempo crusher Plague Of Insects, and the concluding five minute long and varied title track also has its moments. Elysia are maybe victims of adolescent ambition and need to learn to take it slower on the exaggerated complexity and increase instead the accessibility of their compositions. Lion Of Judas is a tightly produced sophomore album that despite some promising moments all too often drowns in its muddled elaboration.

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