EMANCER - Twilight And Randomness

Emancer - Twilight And Randomness

10 songs
60:42 minutes
***** ***


Emancer from Norway released their debut Utopian Illusions in 2001. Since then they have been very busy, making Twilight And Randomness already their fifth record. Starting out as a relatively crude black metal band, they opened their music to outside influences, so that nowadays you could label their music as progressive and avant-garde.

The CD has been recorded by one person alone: Mithrin played all the instruments and did the vocals. Two guest vocalists can be heard throughout the album. When Emancer play live, they are augmented by three session musicians.

It’s not an easy task to describe Emancer’s music. Black metal is still the basis for their sound, but the eight minute long opener Dice Man surprises already with atmospheric and electronic parts, that interact with faster and complex playing. The other tracks also tear the listener from one mood into another: choirs, speed, industrial, orchestral movements and old school bashing. At times they remind me of Enslaved without yet reaching their geniality.

Open-minded metal fans with the good patience should spend some time for this album, as it takes more than one take to fully dive into it. Beyond any commercial afterthoughts, Twilight And Randomness manages to fascinate again and again, as with the retro organ on Comfort Fix. Emancer have created an exquisitely ambitious album that could have taken advantage from occasionally more accessible parts.

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