Emergency Gate - Rewake

12 songs
48:32 minutes
***** *


Someone once said about Napoleon that he did too many good things to talk bad about him, and too many bad things to talk good about him. The same applies to the German power metal band Emergency Gate who still falter to find their own style. They experiment with many different genres, which certainly makes for variety, but unfortunately also puts some blackout moments next to their more successful material.

Rewake is, after the debut Are You Ready, the second album by Emergency Gate who ceaselessly move between death, nu and power metal. The vocals can’t keep up with the music, even though Matthias Kupka used to be the singer in Suidakra. Too often his performance is too basic for the considerably more demanding music and thus somehow doesn’t integrate too well into the overall sound. The guitars do rather fine, but the keyboards at times are quite jarring. The songwriting is just as ambivalent. The band wins me totally over with the varied The Purpose which incorporates elements from gothic over thrash to melodic metal, and the original Gold & Glass makes for another highlight. The unexciting …Of Stars And The Drifting on the other hand would better work as the entry theme of a wrestler. The album could also have done without the two ballads. In the end, fifty minutes is just too much for this young band that doesn’t have the ideas to fill the running time sensibly.

Rewake lacks subtlety, and it is obvious that the seven musicians haven’t yet used their full potential. In the future they had better leave aside the growls, instead opt for a faster pace which would help make their music more dynamical.

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