THE END - Within Dividia

The End - Within Dividia

8 songs
33:31 minutes
***** ***
Relapse / Suburban


The End from Canada are another of the new bands embracing the typical Relapse sound, but that shouldn't make them less interesting for fans of fierce sonic assaults. Already their strangely names debut Transfer Trachea Reverberations from Point: False Omniscient proved that The End are among the more extreme followers of the techno post grind movement. I have therefore been eagerly awaiting their sophomore release Within Dividia, and can state that my expectations have been met.

The opener These Walls is a complex powerhouse which either invites you to freak out completely or even to sit down in a comfortable chair and be silently astonished at the musical skills of the involved band members. The eight songs are all between three and six minutes long, so you won't get short grind bursts, but also not the more monumental stuff... which you don't need here anyway, as The End's songwriting is so dense that they put more ideas in four minutes than many so called prog bands in their so called half hour epics.

You will meet The End's more psychotic side with Fetesque and Orthodox Unparalleled, where they play less fast but have a more experimental take on their soundscapes. The End is still no easy listening, and where bands like Dillinger Escape Plan or Burnt By The Sun may somehow tackle (at times) mainstream sensibilities, The End are for the hardcore noise fans only. 9 points!

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