ENDNAME - Dreams Of A Cyclops

EndName - Dreams Of A Cyclops

6 songs
54:37 minutes
***** *


Post metal has finally arrived in Russia. Moscow based quartet EndName are heavily inspired by bands like Neurosis, Isis and Pelican and are not ashamed to show it. After a self-released EP in 2008, their debut longplayer Dreams Of A Cyclops came out on the quality label RAIG.

Like so many other followers of the genre, the two guitarists, bass player and drummer who is also in charge of the keyboards perform their songs without having to rely on vocals. That can be a risky endeavour, because your songwriting needs enough variety to keep the attention from slipping. The six tracks on the album are all between six and fourteen minutes long, and while there are plenty of different parts, the band stays all too often in mid-tempo territory, making it hard for the listener to stay focused after some time. The musicianship is excellent, unfortunately the same can’t be said about the production. The muddy mix drowns some really nice touches, like percussion on Beyond The Scope, the longest selection and also one of the highlights where the Russians display their full potential. They also like to point out their interest in ambient and noise. The former can be heard on Dissolution, a track that is not bad by itself but doesn’t fit into the overall concept, and maybe also on North where the keyboards have an awkward gothic metal feeling. The noise aspect shows on the concluding Dissociation, the fastest track and also one of my favourites, but again the production highlights too much the cymbals, which can become awkward for your ears.

EndName are definitely a promising band with tons of good ideas, but they need to work on their sense of dynamics and hire a more skilled producer if they want to aspire to the same level as their idols.

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