END OF GREEN - Last Night On Earth

End Of Green - Last Night On Earth

9 songs
49:44 minutes
***** ****


Last Night On Earth is the fourth CD by End Of Green and can be classified as a logical consequence of album number three Songs For A Dying World. This shouldn't mean that End Of Green are copying themselves, but they have again been able to produce a powerful metal CD with a great sound. The opener Evergreen shows the already known depressive, dark but somehow melodic approach, but it also contains lots of screamo elements. Never before have I heard End Of Green from such an intense or emotional side. Not worse are other darker tracks like Dying In Moments or Demons. The album also contains excellent up-tempo songs like Melanchoholic (Metallica-like), Tragedy Insane or Highway 69 which suit best to End Of Green. Finally there are two nearly ten minutes lasting slower tracks: Emptiness / Lost Control is a great song which develops very well during its running time, but Queen Of My Dreams is unfortunately sounding too repetitive. Especially due to the dark guitars and atmospheric vocals, Last Night On Earth can be counted among the better metal albums.

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