ENDWELL - Homeland Insecurity

Endwell - Homeland Insecurity

12 songs
41:29 minutes
***** *


I sometimes wonder how many emo/creamo bands are forming only to get signed by Victory Records. Endwell, a young band from Queens, New York are not an exception. They are maybe using some more metal elements than similar bands (Four Letter Lie, Nights Like These, Sinai Beach,...), but on the whole, it isn't too different.

The opener The End is one of the most classic examples of a song where angry screamo parts are coupled with melodic choruses. This can be said about nearly every other song on the record which doesn't offer too much variation. There are also some harder songs (Boy Meets World War III, Zombies Never Think Twice) suitable for a metalcore audience. And I wouldn't be too surprised if the commercial sounding title track would be the first single edit. And the indie rock song Fever White could as well be the second one. The short, but Isis-like Goodbyes Are Always Coldest In December is another of the album's few highlights. In general, I prefer the melodic choruses to the harder passages which are often too raw and simple for my taste.

The album is a bit disappointing as it doesn't provide anything really new. But the label seems to have big plans for the band as the album was produced and mastered by people who did already the same job for top acts like Papa Roach, Coal Chamber and Evanescence. Now the listeners have to decide if this is sufficient to impress them.

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