ENERGY - Invasions Of The Mind

Energy - Invasions Of The Mind

11 songs
27:37 minutes
***** ***
Bridge Nine


Lately the hardcore genre seems to have branched into a brutal metalcore and a mellower emo partition. Fortunately there are still labels like Bridge Nine that work hard to discover bands that still carry the virtues of the movement’s pioneering days. Boston five-piece Energy are once again a band that, without ever reinventing anything, combines different elements so smartly into a homogenous entity that should not only appeal to old school aficionados.

After the short intro Invasions, Hunter Red takes the listener off guard by merging fast early Nineties hardcore riffs with an emotional undertone that owes probably more to power pop than to trendy emo aesthetics. Energy continue this pattern throughout their not very long album. Heaven may be just a thirty second hardcore onslaught, with enough melody to make it still a pleasant surprise, and Revelations is a semi-acoustic introduction to the concluding track Brickstone, but most of the time, Energy do what they can best: they combine seamlessly the classic melodic hardcore sound of bands like Gorilla Biscuits and 7 Seconds with proto-emo harmonies, add enough ooohs and aaahs to make Invasions Of The Mind a bizarre hybrid that should appeal to everyone, from the nostalgic hardcore veteran to the fashion-conscious emo fan. The latter might even get a hint of where his music actually comes from.

Invasions Of The Mind is at no moment groundbreaking, but constantly breathtaking with its engaging songwriting, and when all is said and done after not even half an hour, you might have wished for a couple of additional songs. Keep an eye on this band!

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