ENNO PALUCCA - Na endlich.. ROCK!

Enno Palucca - Na endlich.. ROCK!

11 songs
46:19 minutes
***** ****
Micropal / Broken Silence


The stylish, fortyish guy sitting with his guitar on an oldtimer Volkswagen, the surf board leaned on the car, is the drummer of the Goldenen Zitronen, one of the most genre-breaking German punk bands ever, violating our ears with Porsche, Genscher, Hallo HSV in the Eighties (without Mr Palucca), and then releasing some of the finest German rock music (Das bisschen Totschlag, Economy Class) in the Nineties.

If you ever were so lucky to witness a Zitronen show, you will forever be looking forward to what these guys are doing. While their vocalist Schorsch Kamerun has a rather successful solo career, Enno Palucca took some time before he released this extraordinary album on the small independent label Micropal. The drums are played mostly by a computer, with Palucca concentrates on his guitar and the laconic vocals. This is a true to form lo-fi album, sounding as if recorded in a bedroom, and it is just there where the CD's charm lies. Where the mid-Nineties Zitronen were an intellectual avant rock assault disguised as mature post punkers, Na endlich... ROCK! has a far more basic approach: the songs are recorded in a transparent enough way, but they lack the polish of regular band albums. When Palucca sings R&D United (Rock and Disco United), you get a concise idea of what this is all about: enhancing his timid and self-admittedly simple guitar chords enhanced by danceable rhythms, while the vocals may seem introverted or shy, but actually transmit a sarcastic wisdom and subdues irony you only get after having been for many years in the music business. R+R=Rebellion is as good a piece of rock'n'roll deconstruction as we got more than 25 years ago with Devo's Satisfaction.

Of course, the album works best when you are familiar with the German language and into lo-fi music, but once you're there, you'll see that this is one of the truly good efforts of German music: a definitive must-buy for Zitronen fans, and an interesting discovery for everybody else.

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