ENSIGN - Love The Music, Hate The Kids

Ensign - Love The Music, Hate The Kids

20 songs
42:37 minutes
***** ****
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I vaguely remember having seen Ensign once a couple of years ago doing the opening slot for either Biohazard or Sick Of It All. Either way I do remember that they were an uncompromising East Coast old school hardcore band. So far Ensign from New Jersey have released four full-length albums plus a couple of EPs, splits, etc. I guess after having been around for such a long time gives you the right and privilege to record an album like Love The Music, Hate The Kids, which features 20 cover versions of mostly old school hardcore songs from the early 80s, and sincerely what else would you have expected?

So let's start with the name dropping: Bad Brains, Replacements, Dag Nasty, Bad Religion, Descendents (twice), Infest, Verbal Assault, Underdog, Discharge, Inside Out, Negative Approach, Sick Of It All, Killing Time, Misfits, Articles Of Faith, Hüsker Dü, Insted, Christ On A Crutch and Dwarves. As you can see, it's a combination of well known and also some less known hardcore bands, with some melodic stuff and even some unexpected choices in between. I was familiar with a third of the songs, and quite satisfied with the renditions offered here. Apart from that, the only song that came over weak was Hatebreeders (Misfits) as the group-shouted vocals sounded more like a pub band than a hardcore band, while Ensign surprisingly seemed quite at ease with the more melodics selections, like In A Free Land (Hüsker Dü) and Off Target (Christ On A Crutch).

Old school hardcore fans might be severely interested in this tribute to Ensign's heroes. This is one of the better cover versions albums I have heard lately!

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