ENTER MY SILENCE - Coordinate: D1sa5t3r

Enter My Silence - Coordinate: D1sa5t3r

9 songs
35:27 minutes
***** **


Enter My Silence from Finland released their debut Remotecontrolled Scythe in 2001. Due to several problems (line-up changes, label), it took five entire years before the second CD Coordinate: D1sa5t3r could be released. At least the album title shows that the musicians like to experiment.

The same cannot be said about Enter My Silence's music. Although the five musicians are from Finland, they are deeply inspired by the Swedish death metal scene, and parallels to In Flames, At The Gates and Dark Tranquillity cannot be denied. In general, the songs are played at a technically quite high level, but you don't find originality on the record. An exception is The Paradox Of Two which is sounding more bizarre and somehow slightly atmospheric. Another strong point in favour of Enter My Silence is the perfect harmony between the two guitar players who create wonderful and melodic guitar lines. This way, the heaviness on the record is lowered so that the record isn't an entirely death metal.

The new singer (the former frontman who was a pure death metal singer returned to his original band Swallow The Sun) Mika Lisitzin prefers hardcore shouts la Phil Anselmo and especially the closing 9mms To Deliverance sounds like a tribute to Pantera.

But as a whole the album suffers from a lack of variation. Some songs like For A Place In The Sun and Unspoken Words are real highlights, but other ones (Silent Treatment, Insignificant) don't rock as they were intended to. Coordinate: D1sa5t3r is certainly a listenable album that is ok for death metal and metal core fans, but it doesn't offer enough to stand out.

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