EPHEL DUATH - Pain Necessary To Know

Ephel Duath - Pain Necessary To Know

9 songs
38:17 minutes
***** ****


It sometimes seems to me as if at least 90% of all metal CDs we are sent can be counted among the metalcore, death metal and progressive power metal genres. While many contemporary bands are technically flawless, only few dare to create a unique sonic vision. The fact that the most daring avant garde metal band comes from Italy must seem like a weird twist of fate not only to me.

In 2003, the strangely named Ephel Duath surprised the metal world with their exquisite The Painter's Palette, an aesthetic piece of art where every song was named after a shade of colour. In late 2005 they are back with their equally ambitious Pain Necessary To Know, nine songs that prove that also compact songs can be full of complexity. To sum it up, it all sounds like perfectly times free jazz hooking up with extreme math metal orgies. But there is of course much more to this awesome album. Instead of hiding their progressive genius behind understandable song structures (like so many melodic prog bands do), Ephel Duath seem to absolutely want to avoid the attention of the mainstream. Jazzy, playful guitars that in the metal genre can only be found also with the equally confusing Spastic Ink meet harsh metal chords that have been popularised by the genre precursors Dillinger Escape Plan.

Ephel Duath never copy any other bands, they are much too proud for such a course of action. True, there are moments when you think of this or that band (also John Zorn's jazz metal mockery Naked City), but eventually Pain Necessary To Know is a demanding and rewarding album that reveals new details after every time you listen to it. Even though it is quite short, you should not expect ever to understand it fully. Still this is one of the coolest and most uncompromising albums to be released in the metal genre ever since it was invented!

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