ERWIN THOMAS - Songs From My Apartment

Erwin Thomas - Songs From My Apartment

10 songs
58:53 minutes
***** ***


After having played in several bands, Erwin Thomas from Denmark decided to go solo and released a first CD called Songs From My Apartment. In order not to disturb his neighbours, Erwin Thomas composed really slow and mellow songs which he calls electro folk. This young artist has a very remarkable voice and his lyrics are about typical youth problems like confusion, misunderstanding between generations and escaping society. Although I often prefer real rock music to singer-songwriters, I appreciate most songs on this debut very much. Erwin Thomas does much more than just playing simple tunes on his acoustic guitar. Even if there are some less exciting tracks like Far From Home and Ain't No Hit, the music created by Erwin Thomas is much more than just campfire scout songs. The Horsekeeper is a real commercial sounding pop song with hit flair and suitable for fans of R.E.M. or Travis. I prefer the melancholic side of Erwin Thomas which can be heard on Just A Mess and Tonight. These songs start very slowly but show a great structured development to epic, but dreamy pop rock music. Everyone who likes Radiohead will adore those songs. Finally there are some more songs on the record with a stronger electronic appeal. Erwin Thomas should be satisfied with his first solo record. He's a creative musician with lots of different musical sides and ready for a promising career.

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