ESTREPITO - Laugh Now, Die Later...

Estrepito - Laugh Now, Die Later...

6 songs
29:45 minutes
***** ***


New bands can be found probably monthly in Luxembourg, according to Backline, there's already more than 200 bands in this small country of less than half a million inhabitants. And that it doesn't take the Emergenza contest to find your own way as a young band, can be proven with Estrepito.

Aged between 17 and 19 years, the six youngsters just released their debut-CD featuring six songs of intense modern metal. As they only started in 2001 by covering their favourite songs, it's no surprise that they haven't been seen on stage much yet, but they certainly have their qualities. With two regular guitars and two bass guitars, they are certain to provide sufficient pressure, furthermore their drummer, also playing with Ísling hardcore legend d-fact, is a frenetic monster who knows how to push a song along. The vocalist sounds evil enough when singing in his low growl voice, whereas his cleaner moments unfortunately still lack the necessary self-confidence.

All in all, Laugh Now, Die Later... is an already very mature effort, considering the low average age of Estrepito. Sure enough, they are mostly inspired by the more modern branch of heavy metal music, but they add enough different styles into their music not to make them sound like a clone of some band. The kind of tribal drumming plus the very rhythmic music remind at times of Slipknot, although Estrepito have a more hardcore attitude to the music.

Of course they are not yet as good as the aforementioned d-fact (on whose label Millewee this CD was released), but when we think of the first steps of a band like dEFDUMp (who needed three CDs to become the great band they are today), then what we have here is already a more than promising start. It's hard to point out one special song, although Thoughtless shows best the different aspects of Estrepito's different moods. Furthermore, 5 Euros for half an hour of music in very good demo quality are more than just fairplay. Support your local scene and buy this album.

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