ETERNAL TANGO - First Round At The Sissi Café

Eternal Tango - First Round At The Sissi Café

10 songs
39:45 minutes
***** ****


When Eternal Tango started five years ago, they were not that different from other young aspiring hardcore bands. Three years ago they shared a split-CD with the now defunct Spyglass who back then received generally the better reviews, although Eternal Tango had already back then a good hand for melodies, even if they lost themselves sometimes in too long structures. A year ago, they presented themselves with their new singer David Moreira and more accessible and shorter songs on their Myspace page. The hardcore police was screaming sell-out, but Eternal Tango didn’t care. Besides working on their full-length debut album First Round At The Sissi Café, they also played a lot of shows and won the preselections of the Lorraine/Luxembourg region for the Printemps de Bourges.

Ok, Eternal Tango are fashion boys, but they are fortunately more My Chemical Romance than Tokio Hotel. They are still a real band that not only writes good songs, but from time to time even has stellar moments like on the touching opener Lady Berlin And The Acrobats, on the mellow Coincidence Dies In C, on their already well known Jackie Boy Is Leaving Town or on the surprisingly aggressive Not Really Dead... Not Quite Alive (Desperate Romantics) where the singer from dEFDUMp help them out.

In the USA it’s been proven that emo metalcore sells best when the band members are good looking. This is also the case with Eternal Tango, a young band that combines what they saw in glossy rock magazines with real talent and a hand for excellent songwriting. Their decadent fin-de-siècle image is stylish and self-ironic at the same time, and since when has a good dose of humour been illegal in rock music?

If the production had been a little more transparent, this would have been a masterwork. First Round At The Sissi Café is an excellent album which few people would have expected to come from Luxembourg where most young people aspire to join or form a brutal metalcore band. With a lot of determination and a little luck, Eternal Tango may just become the first band from Luxembourg to gain attention also from the more mainstream media in foreign countries. Let’s wish them luck!

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