EVERTON - Floorsleepers

Everton - Floorsleepers

10 songs
37:46 minutes
***** **


I probably had always too much of a rational mind to become an emo fan, even before it was a hype and something that defined itself through real emotions. But back in the Nineties, some of the bands were unavoidable, like Sunny Day Real Estate for instance, and Everton remind me quite a lot of that genre pioneer. Today we talk about emo core, scrEaMO, emo pop, emo punk, but listening to the first, self-released full-length album of this Austrian quartet, even a cold-hearted bastard like myself hears instantly that these guys couldn’t care less about the hype their genre has become. So maybe they only started when the Nineties were over already for quite a few years, but the ten songs on Floorsleepers revitalise (now I stole that word from their band info-sheet because it is so fitting under the circumstances) mid-Nineties emo rock, infusing their music with a melancholy that is devoid of any fake pretence. At times I am hoping for the guys to let go and let the guitar scream in a really mean way, but that’s not Everton. Even when the guitars add some distortion, the four-piece never really takes of from its mellow approach. Loud moments act more as some kind of cathartic liberation than as an end in itself, setting the band in this quiet/loud-dynamics which is another trademark of Nineties alternative rock.

Floorsleepers convinces with honest songwriting and a production that underlines the sad undertone of the material. This is no eyeliner-emo to get hot babes’ heart melted, this is rather a true emotional outburst that would have made an underground insider tip ten years ago. Nowadays they may not be glossy enough for the new (and younger) emo generation, but it’s exactly that which sets them apart from the majority of band that usurp that genre for them currently. Somewhat catchier songwriting might have justified a slightly higher rating.

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