Everwaiting Serenade - Demo 2007

3 songs
10:27 minutes
***** ***


Everwaiting Serenade are one of the busier newcomer bands from Luxembourg. Their debut The Caress has only been released a year ago, and they are already back with a demo that contains three promising new tracks. I was already amazed at their performance at the Ex Inferis release party, and can only underline that their improvement is just as remarkable on CD.

The Next Weekend Revolution is an ideal opener due to its increased speed. The vocals are rather raw, and the complex songwriting is complemented by intricate guitar playing and a sweat breaking drum rhythm. Shiver starts a little more moderate, but builds up momentum and convinces with brutal and emotional parts. The concluding Miles Behind The Pioneers also contains crude elements, but they are effectively countered by melodic vocal lines.

Everwaiting Serenade have made incredible progress in the last year, especially in the songwriting department. Their combination of all things metal and core works excellently and makes you yearn for more. Fans of Misery Signals, Darkest Hour and Between The Buried And Me will certainly get their kicks out of this advance demo CD.

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