Everwaiting Serenade - Lungwork

11 songs
42:19 minutes
***** ****


In some ways, there are a lot of parallels between Everwaiting Serenade and Eternal Tango. Starting with the similar names, both bands started out as young abrasive metalcore upstarts, took a longer break that was only interrupted with respective three song demos that showed tremendous progress, just to surface each with their debut longplayers that saw them light years away ahead of their beginnings. But this is where it all ends already.

Everwaiting Serenade surprised last year by winning the prestigious Metal Battle, to the dismay of the more traditional followers of the genre. The resulting high expectations are consequently met on Lungwork, an ambitious concept album subdivided into five chapters. Recorded at the Kulturfabrik and mastered by Alan Douches (Converge, Shadows Fall, Dillinger Escape Plan, Atreyu, Unearth and many more), the quintet left nothing to chance this time. The aesthetically impeccable artwork is only the cherry on the cake of this progressive metalcore gem.

The one minute opener Keepsakes flows into Trophy which combines artfully the angular riffing of contemporary progressive core with melodic guitar lines, punctuated by jazzy drumming. The fierce vocals guarantee that Everwaiting Serenade are still a hardcore metal band, even if they are not afraid to flirt with elements from different genres (members from math rockers Mutiny On The Bounty and indie rockers La Fa Connected are guesting). The following title track continues this pattern of intelligent hybrid sounds that on the surface invite to headband and mosh, but allow you also to sit back and discover intricacies so far rarely encountered in the local music scene. It’s a fact: the band has made incredible progress since their promising if still rather raw debut, and the splendid, transparent production makes sure that the little details won’t get drowned in the mix.

Everwaiting Serenade are already experienced enough to pull this through until the end of their three quarter hour long album, and even though no song stands out by itself, it’s their homogenous approach combined with their playful character that makes Lungwork a CD that may not be instantly accessible, but which therefore is all the more rewarding, as it will definitely reveal new facets every time you spend time with it.

Now that Eternal Tango have opted for a catchier pop sound, it’s up to Everwaiting Serenade to become the new kings (or grand-dukes) of metalcore made in Luxembourg. With a new and ambitious label backing them, plus a clothing company taking care that these good looking lads are always well dressed, Everwaiting Serenade smartly coalesce style and substance into a whole that is destined to charm not only fans from their expected clientele. Lungwork is a milestone in local rock history, and now that dEFDUMp are gone, it’s no longer a question of who will take over the torch!

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