Everyday Balloons - EP

4 songs
16:34 minutes


When local punks Fragile Minds broke up, Jérôme looked for new people to start a new band. Everyday Balloons, founded not even a year ago, seem to be a really fast band when it comes to releasing a debut. The three-piece offers four songs on their EP. The first two tracks, Colour Of Our Flags and Shut Up, are simple street rock punks with fast rhythms and football choir vocals. Reminds a bit of Extinct.

The two following songs are much longer, four and seven minutes, and show the band from a more melodic and emotional side. The vocals are still a bit shaky though to make it feel confident enough. The long Enemy even ends on a three minute feedback orgy, which you wouldn’t expect at the end of such a slow song.

I consider EP to be a demo, because neither b/w-photocopied artwork not production meet professional standards. The two short songs that open the EP have something definitely charming about them, and the long songs that follow have interesting ideas that unfortunately fail at the limited experience. If these guys keep practising, I am sure that with their obvious talent (which they prove by being at home in different genres), they will be able to pull off more than just an average debut.

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