EXHIBITION - The Sign Of Tomorrow

Exhibition - The Sign Of Tomorrow

9 songs
60:00 minutes
***** **


How can a band only dare to create a CD front cover looking like a perfect Iron Maiden clone? Musical parallels between both band do exist, Exhibition have their roots in Eighties metal, but differences are obvious, too. They released under the name Eternity X two prog metal albums in the Nineties before disbanding. Three musicians formed the band Exhibition with the aim to produce a symbiosis of Eighties metal la Iron Maiden or Ozzy Osbourne and prog rock and metal la Fates Warning or Dream Theater. They really do this in a convincing way and you feel yourself pushed back in time about 16 or 17 years. The progressive component has however a more important side for Exhibition. The keyboards remind me a lot of Dream Theater and the vocals are not too different from Fates Warning's Ray Alder. But sometimes Exhibition also like to try more classic metal hooks. Especially Wings Of The Dragon or Voices In The Night underline the band's Iron Maiden roots. I doubt that The Sign Of Tomorrow may become a metal milestone, as it is often too close to the originals, but it is not impossible that metal nostalgics may appreciate this work.

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