EXILIA - My Own Army

Exilia - My Own Army

12 songs
46:36 minutes


Exilia from Milan have been a part of the European metal scene for more than a decade, and have just now released their fourth album My Own Army. In the past, I always detoured them because they didn’t seem that interesting to me, but once I got their new CD, I finally had to spend some time with their music and know now perfectly well why I never did so before.

My Own Army is one of the most unpleasant records I have come across in a long time. Exilia play some kind of crossover which first of all has been outdated for a long time already, and second never really worked in the first place. I get the impression that their main goal is to noise around as much as possible just to ease things up with occasional melodic choruses. The band hardly has any potential and fails due to lack of ideas. The two slower songs are not much better either. Somehow I feel reminded of Guano Apes, Die Happy, Such A Surge, H-Blockx, Oomph! and Clawfinger, bands I never really appreciated. Their cover version of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight is supposed to be funny, but the originally boring song becomes even lamer in the Italians’ interpretation. I also wonder what was wrong with vocalist Masha during the recording sessions. She sounds hoarse, as if she caught a cold. This is neither exciting nor lovely, just very disconcerting.

It’s been quite some time since I had to resort to the minimum grade, but Exilia don’t seem to leave me any other choice.

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