EYEFEAR - 9 Elements Of Inner Vision

Eyefear - 9 Elements Of Inner Vision

10 songs
51:38 minutes
***** **


Eyefear from Australia may not be counted among the busiest bands on Earth. After two records which were released in 1996 respectively in 1999, we had to wait for another five years for their third CD 9 Elements Of Inner Vision. The fifth continent rarely is a good address for ass kicking metal, but Eyefear are at least a bit further developed than most of their comrades. All songs are perfectly constructed amd technical enough to consider Eyefear as a progressive power metal band. Singer Jimmy Georgopoulos has a well trained voiced which he uses well for higher parts and even screams. The song structures aren't bad either. Especially Dawn is a track of such high musical value which Dream Theater have lacked for years. The progressive edge is very dominant as the song structures are quite complicated and high on keyboards. This kind of music is called progressive, but I have to ask again the old question if it is progressive to sound like Dream Theater did 15 years ago. Eyefear don't play my favourite kind of music, but I respect nevertheless what they do, because listening to 9 Elements Of Inner Vision never annoys or becomes boring.

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