EYEHATEGOD - Preaching The End-Time Message

Eyehategod - Preaching The End-Time Message

10 songs
39:36 minutes
***** *


Eyehategod are probably the most important sludge band ever to see the face of this planet, playing a cranky mix of doom and dirty hardcore chords that you can only deliver when you come from a swampy region like Louisiana. Heavily influenced by Black Sabbath and Melvins alike, Eyehategod added huge portions of insanity, despair and plain hatred of mankind into their sound, and this on CD since the early Nineties. Their last studio album lies already five years in the past, so Emetic Records from Flint, Michigan (home of some Michael Moore movies) decided to release a compilation of rarities and oddities.

It is clear from the beginning that this is mostly a collector's item, as the songs span an interval of twelve years. The album begins with two compilation tracks, continues with three tracks from split-seven-inches, adds two live tracks recorded in Japan and finishes with three four-track demo recordings from the forthcoming album.

The five first tracks are therefore most interesting for the collector, from a rarity point of view. There could have been more live tracks (as the whole album is not even 40 minutes long), and the demos are interesting but will soon be available in more powerful versions.

Eyehategod play sludge like no one else, their songs emit a true aura of disease and decay. Yet for a compilation, I could have expected more material. The parallel vinyl release possibly forced the label to restrict the number of songs. In the end this is foremost interesting for die-hard Eyehategod fans, with newcomers better sticking to the band's earlier studio albums or waiting for the next one to be released, hopefully soon this still young year.

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