Fabulous Disaster - Love At First Fight

16 songs
39:12 minutes
***** ***
I Scream


Love At First Fight is the fourth album by Fabulous Disaster, an all-female pop punk band from San Francisco. In 2001 I had the opportunity to see them opening for the Mad Caddies. Fabulous Disaster were my personal highlight that evening, but this seemed to be the band’s zenith. Their following album Panty Raid! didn’t receive the best reviews. Four years later, the band is back with a new album on a new label and it seems that the riot girls have found some new motivation.

The musical changes aren’t too obvious, but the band seems more inspired than before. The songwriting is excellent for a pop punk album which succeeds in entertaining you during its entire length. The songs are mostly fast, reminding a bit of The Ramones and especially of the Buzzcocks. Lead singer Lynda Mandolyn’s voice is close to Deborah Harry’s which fits well with the band’s simple but nice songs. The background vocals on tracks like Last Call, Tidal Wave, No Easy Way Out and many more are so harmonized that you can’t resist the charm of the music.

Even if the album isn’t too surprising and outstanding, the forty minutes I sacrificed to Love At First Fight were no wasted time. It doesn’t intend to be anything more than simple pop punk with nice melodies which is exactly what Fabulous Disaster do on this suitable soundtrack for hot summer days.

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