FACE TO FACE - Laugh Now, Laugh Later

Face To Face - Laugh Now, Laugh Later

11 songs
35:56 minutes
***** ***
People Like You


Californian punk band Face To Face was quite active between 1991 and 2003, releasing seven albums and numerous singles, but then decided to call it a day. Somehow the trio can’t get the punk rock out of their blood, as they decided to make a reunion in 2011, which resulted in their eights longplayer Laugh Now, Laugh Later.

Even though singer/guitarist Trevor Keith is the only remaining original member, the band plays in the same line-up as back when they dissolved. Consequently the new CD gives the impression as if the last eight years never happened. Laugh Now, Laugh Later starts in quite a rocking fashion, with the dirty riffs reminding somewhat of Motörhead. The vocals are of course more melodic, as one is used from bands like Pennywise, Satanic Surfers and the likes. The following It’s Not All About You has all it takes to become a summer hit. I Don’t Mind And You Don’t Matter is another highlight that invites to sing along. The rhythmic Bombs Away, which not only reminds of the New Bomb Turks because of its title, also stands out strong. Actually Face To Face don’t do anything wrong, combine brisk riffs with harmonic choir vocals in a truly splendid way. The cool, rocking Under The Wreckage stands apart by sounding closer to New Model Army. Only Stopgag fails somewhat with its overly metallic touch.

Despite this little flaw, the band has shown that they have still some aces up their sleeves and can show a lot of younger bands how melodic punk rock is supposed to be made. Laugh Now, Laugh Later is an entertaining affair that can be listened to joyfully again and again.

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