FAILSAFE - What We Are Today

Failsafe - What We Are Today

14 songs
53:24 minutes
***** ***
Fond Of Life


Failsafe from England started in 2003 as a ska punk band, although this is nowadays hardly noticeable anymore. Over the years, the band turned their minds to melodic punk rock, spiced with some emo and screamo elements. Their debut What We Are Today came out already two years after their foundation but displays already their current sound. The second album The Truth Is followed in 2008. Fond Of Life have now decided to re-release a freshly mastered version of the debut.

What We Are Today doesn’t contain any new impulses, but that doesn’t mean that Failsafe sound outdated. The songs are actually brimming with ideas and pace changes that both cater for a sense of dynamics. The verses at times allow for a gruffer approach, but the choruses take care to add the necessary catchiness. Juxtaposing rough with clear vocals has of course been done before, but it still works when it is done properly, as is proved by Failsafe. Guitar and bass are playing harmonically together and sometimes recall the band’s early roots with ska and reggae riffs. No matter if Failsafe play their harder, faster or melodic material, they always get quickly to the point, delivering without exception high energy punk rock. Despite the long running time, you will have to look hard to find something to complain about. Their lacking originality might be the only thing that might disturb a little.

I don’t want to be too strict, because What We Are Today is a strong album that certainly deserves to its reissue, so that more people can become aware of Failsafe.

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