FAIRYLAND - Score To A New Beginning

Fairyland - Score To A New Beginning

10 songs
49:49 minutes
***** **


The French metal scene has been growing considerably in the last few years. A band I was not yet familiar with is Fairyland who play symphonic metal. Score To A New Beginning is, after their debut Of Wars In Osyhria from 2003 and The Fall Of An Empire from 2006 already the third album of this band that cannot be accused of lacking clichés.

Head of Fairyland is keyboarder Philippe Giordana, which doesn’t really surprise as his instrument plays a very dominant role. He even kicked out all of his band members from the last album and decided to exclusively work with studio musicians from now on. The best known this time is Serenity frontman Georg Neuhauser, who makes a good job and reminds due to his high vocal delivery of late Eighties heavy metal. Main influences seem to be Blind Guardian and early Rhapsody, as you are faced with classical heavy metal with loads of epic and symphonic arrangements. Symphony X might be another influence, as can be heard especially on Assault On The Shore and on the long title track which also contains a fitting folk component. The songs are most of the time played at a brisk pace with enough intricacies, and the majestic choirs that decorate the choruses will have a hard time to get out of your memory. Guitar solos are not so abundant, instead you get perfectly thought through keyboard arrangements. The CD contains seven regular tracks that all know to please, even if they are not really innovative. Less exciting are the intro that reminds of the score of a Walt Disney cartoon, a middle piece with a soundtrack atmosphere and the short outro that feels like a semi-ballad.

Those who are into pompous metal as was popular fifteen to twenty years ago will have a great time with Score To A New Beginning. The album title is probably less a reference to the music than to the line-up changes. But you can’t deny that this is all very entertaining, although the next time the band could show up with more regular songs.

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