FAIRYLAND - The Fall Of An Empire

Fairyland - The Fall Of An Empire

13 songs
62:37 minutes
***** **


Sometimes less is truly more. French symphonic metal band Fairyland offers some very mature songwriting on their second album The Fall Of An Empire, and although they certainly have the talent and ambition to take on bands like Rhapsody Of Fire (who must by coincidence be a huge influence), Fairyland make the mistake of putting to much emphasis on the symphonic parts, which would be ok, had they been recorded by a real orchestra, but the keyboard sounds become too dominating after a while, and it's here where you wish more pressure on the guitars to make this more of a metal album.

The Fall Of An Empire is by no means a bad album, my frustration even comes from the fact that it is full of great epic songs that could have had so much more under better circumstances. Some nice person should give the French metal hopefuls a lot of Euros and send them back to a studio equipped with its own symphonic orchestra, and even Luca Turilli would start sweating with this kind of competition on his heels.

Fantasy metal fans by all means should check out this promising album, and if you don't react as allergically to the pompous synth (or should we say fake orchestral) sounds, then The Fall Of An Empire should become on this year's metal highlights for you.

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