FAIRYTALE ABUSE - Perversions Of Angel VI

Fairytale Abuse - Perversions Of Angel VI

11 songs
52:28 minutes
***** **


Fairytale Abuse are from Denmark, play symphonic/demonic black metal, just signed a deal with Massacre Records and shortly thereafter released their second CD Perversions Of Angel VI. The six Danes are seemingly not among the busiest people on Earth, considering that their band has been around since 1993.

Their musical approach on the other hand belies the image of slow working people, as they happen to push the pedal to the metal quite a few times. That there is more to Fairytale Abuse than just unrelenting speed is immediately showed on the fantastic opener When One Bleeds. Next to the fast parts is always room for symphonic, dark, dramatic and even monumental moments. The vocals oscillate smartly between black metal shrieks and brutal death metal shouts. The songs take advantage of the imposing keyboards which are perfectly integrated into the overall sound. Parallels to Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir come to mind.

As great as this sounds at first, Fairytale Abuse navigate themselves into some kind of dead-end alley when they run out of ideas after the first half. The doomy Lust Murder Theater stands out, but apart from that, new ideas are hard to find. Only the concluding seven minute long Our Glorious Revivication consoles with nice grooves, making this track a possible hit for the band.

The cover artwork hints already at sleazy lyrics, but that doesn’t flaw the concept. Perversions Of Angel VI definitely has its moments, but the lack of originality makes it questionable if Fairytale Abuse have the stamina to survive in an already over-crowded black metal scene. It’s up to the fans to decide.

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