FALCHION - Chronicles Of The Dead

Falchion - Chronicles Of The Dead

9 songs
47:53 minutes
***** **


Chronicles Of The Dead is the second album from Falchion, a Finnish band located somewhere between death metal and pagan metal. Guitarist and vocalist Juho Kauppinen and drummer Matti Johansson are also members of Korpiklaani. The bass player and the other guitarist don’t have such an illustrious band on the side.

Falchion are considerably harder than Korpiklaani, which is mostly due to the rough vocals. From a musical perspective, Falchion belong already into the top league. Especially the guitars are played fantastically and surprise, as on Mayhem Machine, with virtuoso moments. The folk elements are kept at a more discreet level, but when they make it to the front, as on the instrumental Desert Breeze and on Evolution In Reverse concluding the album ceremoniously, my attention is climbing instantly considerably.

As Falchion don’t use traditional instruments like fiddles, flutes and bagpipes, some folk metal fans better make a huge turn around this record. Those who love bands like Ensiferum, Finntroll and Battlelore should also get partially their kicks out of Falchion, who are, it has to be said, from a qualitative point of view, far behind Korpiklaani. With less death metal and more Úlan, they would certainly be able to improve.

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