FALCONER - Among Beggars And Thieves

Falconer - Among Beggars And Thieves

11 songs
49:12 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


All Quiet on the Northern Front would have also been a fitting title for the new CD by Nordic folk metal band Falconer. Instead they called their sixth album Among Beggars And Thieves, which is the second release since the return of their original singer Mathias Blad. The impeccable production was in the hands of Andy LaRocque, who did a good job as expected.

The artwork is gloomier than in the past, but that hasn’t affected the music which is treading on known paths. Falconer still put emphasis on mostly fast but always melodic power metal that has always room for quiet moments. Their folk metal melodies are refined by Mathias Blad’s incredibly clear and incomparable voice. The lyrics deal again with old legends and myths from the early times of Sweden. As in the past, there are therefore a few tracks in Swedish language that give the band a certain exotic note.

There are a few innovations though on Among Beggars And Thieves. The Swedes are helped out by vocalist Everlyn Jons, on the typical Falconer song Mountain Men, and on the quieter A Beggar Hero which draws parallels to Blackmore’s Night. Pale Light Of Silver Moon is one of their heaviest tracks to date. The nearly eight minute long Dreams And Pyres has turned out to be rather orchestral and epic, also something uncommon to their sound.

Had Among Beggars And Thieves been Falconer’s debut, it would have overwhelmed me. As I am very familiar with their back catalogue, I have to admit that, despite no disappointments, the album comes with precious few surprises. The limited digipak comes with two bonus tracks and a video clip.

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